Painting animals with watercolours

Intervenant: Fabiana Ribeiro
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Catégories: Summerakademie 2024
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A partir de 15 ans Lycée Aline Mayrisch ,
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Languages: English, Portuguese, and some explanations in French

In this workshop, we will explore the art of portraying our beloved pets and favourite animals through the medium of watercolour on paper. However, the focus of this class will not be on meticulously replicating the exact shades of skin and fur, or rendering every individual hair and whisker, although we will delve into the science of colour mixing. Instead, our approach will involve using colours in a liberated manner and creatively interpreting the essence of the animals. The painting techniques will embrace a loose and expressive style,
primarily utilizing primary colours and their adjacent shades on the colour wheel. The aim is to craft vibrant, luminous portraits that capture the joy and happiness that animals bring into our lives.

Concepts you will learn:

  • How to transfer your drawing to paper.

  • Main watercolour techniques.

  • Light and shadow to create contrast.

  • Building colours and how to use them in your painting.


No prior knowledge is required. This workshop is well-suited for individuals who are beginners or have diverse art backgrounds.

Matériel requis

Basic Materials:

• Graphite pencil, eraser, sharpener.


• A set of brushes of different sizes for watercolour/Gouache. It can be junior or student



• Watercolour blocks with 300gsm, which can be synthetic or cotton (Canson XL, Canson

Montval, Hahnemühle, Winsor & Newton, arches, and others).

Watercolor paints:

Watercolour set in pans or tubes (Winsor & Newton, Van Gogh or others)

• Or/ and a set of primary Colours - Lemon Yellow Hue, Ultramarine, and Permanent Rose.

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