WW…Watercolouring : An introduction

Intervenant: Alan Johnston
Nombre de places: 10
Catégories: Summerakademie 2022
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CEPA a.s.b.l. 1, rue de
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Détail du cours/stage

Language: English (UK), Luxemburgish, French, German

An Introductory course for beginners to that other WWW: The Wonderful World of Watercolours. We will earn to use ‘La Ligne Claire’, transparent layering, and draw and paint 3-D objects like stones, flowers and vegetation.  

And if possible, we’ll sketch in Luxembourg City to watercolour landscapes with

some ‘urban sketching’ and to finish, we’ll copy masters from Art History with whom our work resonates!


For beginners in Watercolour but a sound basis in drawing/sketching would be best.

Matériel requis

A small folding stool, Rucksack with WATER BOTTLE for drinking and water colouring, snacks. Watercolours with at least 10 pigments

Watercolour/Acrylic Brushes N°s 2, 4, 6-8.

Canson Montval watercolour block A4 or A3 300gsm

Any other drawing tools you like to use…. Suitable Outdoor clothing 

Sun hat/sun cream / K-way etc.)

A detailed list with active links to Internet sources will be sent to students.

Each student will receive an A4 sketchbook for 3 Euros.

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