Daily rituals : a nourishing morning practice (yoga, meditation & journaling)

Intervenant: Zoé Galassi
Nombre de places: 10
Catégories: Summerakademie 2022
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Languages: English, Luxembourgish

During 10 days, we will explore the effects of daily rituals that are meant to empower you as a person.

In many spiritual traditions, such as yoga, the morning is seen as a very auspicious time of the day, during which we nourish ourselves with our practice. It is this magical time, during which most of the world is still asleep, that is said to be the best time for tuning inwards and connecting to ourselves.

If we learn how to listen to ourselves, our bodies, thoughts and emotions – we gradually take choices that prioritize our own needs. In return, we also become more aware of our surroundings, encouraging more authentic interactions that come from a place of presence rather than reactivity.

The idea of this course is to provide you with tools, ranging from yoga, meditation, pranayama and journaling that help you create your own morning routine that best fits your needs and circumstances.

We will be journeying through a variety of practices in order for you to find the ones that reasonate the most with you.

Every morning we will have a yoga and pranayama session as well as discussions and presentations about yogic concepts on habits and rituals. This course will be a true inspiration for you to start your very own morning routine!

The course will be in English or Luxembourgish, depending on the participants."


All levels (Beginner & Intermediate Yogis)

Matériel requis

A yogamat, comfortable clothing and an open mind.

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