Abstract Acrylic Painting / Contemporary Portrait

Intervenant: Yliana Paolini
Nombre de places: 8
Catégories: Hierschttrimester 2023
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A partir de 16 ans Atelier Schleich-Lentz ,
44, avenue de la Faïencerie ,
180 € Complet
Détail du cours/stage

Languages: English, Spanish

“Create an Abstract Acrylic Painting ” class is broken down step by step where you will learn how to make an intuitive acrylic painting. You will create an abstract acrylic painting inspired by your surroundings, or any form of inspiration.

You will create, from start to finish, paintings that will be ready to be framed, getting the explanation of  the process of acrylic techniqueas a water based material and the varnishing process At the end, your works will be ready to hang on a wall.

We will be gathering inspiration, using reference images if desired, basic understanding of colour and how it works, layer and depth understanding, adding colour to make the painting pop up, and even using different materials as part of our composition.  

This class is for basic levels and it's also ok if you haven’t painted before since we are going to paint in a fluidly expressive manner, caring more about colour and composition rather than about perfectionism.

We will explore: 

  • Gathering Inspiration trough colour, geometrical shapes and nature 
  • Harmonious color combinations
  • Creating depth, building layers.
  • Defining areas of interest
  • Adding accent colours
  • Focal point
  • Refinement


No skills needed for the course

Matériel requis

Canvas/Wood Panel/ Heavyweight Paper 


Acrylic Paint (Primary Colors: Yellow, Red, Blue and Colors of your choice)

Brushes (Different Sizes, not expensive ones)

Acrylic Marker

Water Spray Bottle


Suitable clothes (that can be damaged if paint falls in it).

Any other material to be used as a creative medium, example: papier-mâché, gold paper etc...

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