Morning Yoga with John & Sarah

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Catégories: Wantertrimester 2024
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CEPA a.s.b.l.

44 Av. de la Faiencerie - 1510 Luxembourg

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du jeudi 22 février 2024 au jeudi 28 mars 2024
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Le 22/02/2024 09:30 -11:00
Le 29/02/2024 09:30 -11:00
Le 07/03/2024 09:30 -11:00
Le 14/03/2024 09:30 -11:00
Le 21/03/2024 09:30 -11:00
Le 28/03/2024 09:30 -11:00

A partir de 16 ans Atelier Schleich-Lentz ,
44, avenue de la Faïencerie ,
90 € Complet
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Langue: English and Luxembourgish

Take care of your spine and the rest of your body will thank you! 

In these morning Yoga Session we will focus on relieving and enforcing our spine and abdominals along with our regular yoga practice inspired by our Hatha and Sivananda Teachings. 

Expect a mix of breathing exercices (pranayama), warm up, sun salutations, Asanas (postures) and relaxation/meditation. If the weather permits the sessions will be held outdoors in a beautiful urban garden. Suitable for all ages and levels.


Beginners as well as experiences practitioners are welcome. 

Matériel requis

Please bring your yogamat if you have one and wear comfortable clothes. 

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