Wantertrimester 2024

Atelier des Arts, Bonnevoie

Reality Sketch Books

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Language: English (UK), Luxemburgish, French, German

We will start with illustrating objects (feathers insects rocks shells) and then progress to sketching outside: landscapes trees and flowers and animals in the nearby Parc de Merl. With possibility of meeting at  other locations: TERRA SC Eicherfeld, Baamësch, Parc Merveilleux, Bettembourg, Etangs de Kockelschuer, RNNaturel Biodiversum, Remich to be arranged during the course.




Language: English (UK), Luxemburgish, French, German

This course will involve individual tuition/coaching to participants who have started to construct or are actually working on a children’s book project. Profiting from a temporary Class Room Library of over 50 children’s books,

For those who are starting out we will look at and try some exercises in :

Visual and thematic research, story board and character modelling, Writing, typography and phonetics with tips on how to submit to editors. With an active reading list and a guided tour of a Quadricolour printers*! Participants must be ready to share their projects with the rest of the group.


Alan would be delighted to help you with an on going book project you may already be working on.

Dynamic sketching



Sketching is an essential for developing drawing, observational and design skills. It allows our minds to focus, which teaches us discipline and commitment, while being fun and whimsical at times. Sketching is the earliest drawing activity, and it stays with us for our whole artistic path. It can function as a meditative activity, or as a way to visualise whatever we perceive inside or outside of our body and mind. This course will focus on setting up a good mindset for sketching, so that it can be developed into a habit. We will cover different techniques, like markers, pencils, ballpoint pens and other, so that you will not be bored or scared to experiment. The aim of this course is not to teach you good anatomy, perspective or rendering (although if needed, answers will be provided) - it is to allow you to search what you like about creating visuals, and where you want to go with it

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