Summertrimester 2018

Nature Illustration


After a brief look at the history of Natural History illustration.

we will start with some basic drawing and sketching techniques and memory training. We will then start drawing flat objects (leaves, feathers) 

progressing on to 3-d objects (stones, skulls, shells, insects etc.) 

working up to more complicated 3-D structures like plants and plant skeletons and Insects. 


We will also try and visit two sites for 2 days on a weekend, weather providing.

Remerschen and Bettembourg Parc Merveilleux Zoo, to draw living animals from life.


We will then try to work up our sketches into finished illustrations or paintings looking at pictorial composition and book layout.


All material will be provided/loaned by the artist. Students will be expected to pay for a sketchbook at 5 Euros each and a reduced entrance 

to the Zoo. More info will follow during evening courses.

Dessin de nu (Masterclass avec Pit)


Depuis que l’homme dessine, il représente la figure humaine. Le dessin d’après modèle vivant nu est la discipline reine de la figuration. C’est un excellent exercice d’observation et de concentration. Le cours est destiné aux dessinateurs avancés, amateurs passionnés, semi-professionnels et professionnels. Débutants s’abstenir! Les séries de poses courtes alternent avec des poses plus longues.