Advanced course in Designing, Writing and Illustrating a Children’s Book

Intervenant: Alan Johnston
Nombre de places: 8
Catégories: Summerakademie 2022
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Détail du cours/stage

Language: English (UK), Luxemburgish, French, German

This intensive participative course will involve individual tuition/coaching to participants who have started to construct or are actually working on a children’s book project. Profiting from a temporary Class Room Library of over 100 children’s books, we will look: at Visual and thematic research, story board and character modelling, Writing, typography and phonetics with tips on how to submit to editors. With an active reading list and a guided tour of a Full colour printers! Participants must be ready to share their projects with the rest of the group.


Former students, professional Authors/illustrators or Art School students In ILLUSTRATION or ANIMATION will be most welcome to join.

Matériel requis

A pencil-case full of your favourite drawing/writing tools, different media from charcoal to coloured pencils, micro felt pens etc., a pair of scissors, an A3 block of Tracing paper (Papier Calque), a set-square (T-Z Dreieck) and a 30cm ruler.

Your Tablet or Portable computer or Lightbox if you have this. 

A children’s book or children’s books you really like and lots of enthusiasm

Alan can provide watercolours, pencils, layout paper, spray mount etc. Participants will receive a sketchbook (for 2 Euros).

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