The magic of black and white. Ink charcoal drawing.

Intervenant: Asta Kulikauskaite
Nombre de places: 8
Catégories: Hierschttrimester 2023
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Détail du cours/stage

Language: English (UK)

"Draw, Antonio, draw, Antonio, draw don't waste time!" – Michelangelo wrote to a young assistant…

Black and white: how much can be said, how many shades can be created with just two colours!

Drawings created with a graphite pencil or charcoal can be regarded not only as preparatory sketches for making other paintings or sculptures, but artworks in their own right. Drawing with black ink and charcoal presents a process of discovery, enabling a deeper understanding of the research object.

Participants will be introduced to the basics of composition, learn about different techniques of painting with black ink and drawing with charcoal on paper and experience first-hand the properties and possibilities of charcoal and ink.

Participants will improvise and interpret topics of their choosing, let their imagination and spontaneity manifest. They will look for inspiration in still life, landscape, nature and abstract forms.

Participants can bring a few interesting expressive black-and-white photos taken by themselves or found on the Internet, as well as sketches created by them beforehand. Landscape and plant motifs


Pas de pré-requis nécessaire

Matériel requis

  • Drawing paper for sketching and experimentation, suitable for watercolour painting and charcoal drawing, A3 size minimum, around 300 gsm (in individual sheets or a pad)
  • Soft graphite pencil (2B-4B or softer)
  • Dry charcoal sticks, kneaded eraser, soft charcoal pencil
  • Black ink
  • Liquid charcoal (optional)
  • Tools for working with charcoal (paper pencil for blending, etc.)
  • Set of watercolour brushes of different sizes (from small to large, round, flat)
  • Container for ink
  • Adhesive paper tape
  • Office knife
  • Larger plastic palette

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